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MTA Pulpotomy Tutorial

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MTA Vital Pulp Therapy is an easy and effective way to directly pulp cap a tooth with a great success rate. Dr Sonia Chopra will give you her tips as an Endodontist. 

Radiograph Tutorial: Chest X-ray / CXR consolidation...

Specialty:  Radiology
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Chest X-Ray interpretation tutorial.

Upper Wisdom Tooth Extraction/Removal (Full Case...

Specialty:  Dental Surgery
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In this video it is shown how to extract an upper wisdom tooth that was causing the patient a toothache and problems. You will learn tips and tricks on how to remove the tooth, and as a patient, you will...

ACC Prep in 5 MINUTES the 5x5x5 Technique

Specialty:  Prosthodontics
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In this video Dr. Stevenson demonstrates the 5x5x5 technique for an all ceramic crown preparation on a mandibular first molar. 

Margin Elevation Technique Demystified

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Dr. Matt Nejad explains the margin elevation technique. Chapters: 0:00-0:20 Intro 0:21-0:53 Dr. Nejad's Intro to the Margin Elevation Technique 0:54-1:13 Beginning Case Photo 1:14-2:15 Final Case Photo...

Class II Composite Restoration

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This video is a tutorial of class II composite restoration. Each stage of procedure is explained in detail.

Dental Trauma: Part 4 - Palpation

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This film is prepared by Dundee Dental School. It's a fourth part of the series about dental trauma.   

Demonstration of Luxator Technique for Dental...

Specialty:  Dental Surgery
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Demonstration of luxator technique for tooth extraction. Filmed at Leeds Dental School.

Dental Posture Tutorial

Specialty:  Students
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This video is a guidance on correct posture of a dentist.

Geometry Fundoplication AppTutorial, Chapter...

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This chapter describes our technique for creating a "ruler" used for the internal measurements needed for the creation and calibration of 360º and 270º fundoplications.