Upper Wisdom Tooth Extraction/Removal (Full Case Tutorial and Walk Through)

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4 months ago
Dental Surgery

Case description

In this video it is shown how to extract an upper wisdom tooth that was causing the patient a toothache and problems. You will learn tips and tricks on how to remove the tooth, and as a patient, you will learn about what is involved. Dr Paul dicusses why they removed the tooth, any risks that are associated with taking it out, how they extracted it, and then the removal itself.


00:00 Video start

00:18 Why we extracted this tooth

1:49 Possible complications

3:50 Making the tooth numb

4:58 Our goal when extracting a tooth

5:26 Testing that it is numb

6:00 A tip to gain access to tooth

6:46 Instruments I used

7:14 The extraction

8:54 Summing up 

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