Intrapericardial Uniportal VATS Double Sleeve Lobectomy Using a Proximal Vascular Clamp

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2 years ago
Thoracic Surgery

Case description

In this video we show a case of a double bronchial and vascular sleeve left upper lobectomy operated by Uniportal VATS (4 cm incision).The patient had a complex big lung cancer located on the left upper lobe with a very proximal involvement of the main pulmonary. An initial control with proximal tourniquets was performed but finally a vascular clamp placed at the origin of main pulmonary artery was needed. The ductus was sectioned to allow a more proximal control and to achieve enough stump for a safe vascular anastomosis
The recovery of the patient was uneventful with no complications
Diego Gonzalez Rivas, MD, FECTS

tags: VATS lobectomy pericardium vascular clamp sleeve

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