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Revision Total Knee Replacement

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A Revision Total Knee Replacement occurs when a Total Knee Replacement (Knee Arthroplasty) has failed due to factors such as incorrect surgical technique or excessive damage from use.

Standard Total Knee Replacement

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A Total Knee Replacement is one of the most common surgeries performed by Orthopaedic surgeons. Dr Al Muderis takes you through the procedure.

Hip Replacement Surgery (Hip Arthroplasty)

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Hip Replacement Surgery (Hip Arthroplasty) for Hip Arthritis has developed over the last 300 years from rudimentary surgery, to modern total hip replacement. Dr Al Muderis takes you through the steps...

Veneer Replacement Procedure

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Veneer Replacement video by dr Ryan Sellinger

Surgical Revision of an Inefficient TORP on the...

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The TORP has been placed a few years before but the patient suddenly lost hearing. We can see on this video that the prosthesis has actually moved. It was successfully replaced with a new one.

Replacement of Class I Amalgam Restoration with...

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The video shows a step-by-step guide on how to replace a defective amalgam restoration on the occlusal surface of the second maxillary molar with light-cured composite resin material. Video by the Institute...

The Technique of Aortic Root Replacement - a...

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Endocarditis is an inflammation of the inner layer of the heart, the endocardium, which usually involves the heart valves. Other structures, including the interventricular septum, the chordae tendineae,...

Repair of Aneurysm of the Ascending Aorta

views: 9562 comments: 1

Surgical treatment (an ascending aortic replacement) for aneurysmal disease is performed. The narrator underlines important technical details for a perfect repair. Before the surgery the presentation...

The Technique of Aortic Root Replacement

views: 10910 comments: 0

Aortic diseases often invlove both wall of aorta and aotic valve. During surgery special consideration of aortic branches, such as coronary arteries and arteries branching from the arch, is required....

Mesh replacement in incisional hernia repair

views: 8456 comments: 0

The video presents the removal and replacement of an infected abdominal prosthetic mesh.

Awake Mitral Valve Replacement - Chordee Preservation...

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MItral valve is placed between the left atrium and the left ventricle. The necessity of surgical mitral valve replacement appears when it becomes too tight (mitral valve stenosis) for blood to flow into...

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