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Cholecystectomy is contraindicated in patients with comorbidities or unresectable cancer. Percutaneous transhepatic gallbladder drainage (PTGBD) is typically offered with response rates ranging from 56%...

Removal of a Stab in the Neck by Video-assisted...

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In this video, a 32-year-old male patient is exposed with a stab wound in the left zone 2 neck, which crosses the midline, CT-Scan is performed without vascular lesions, with right pneumothorax, contrast...

Minimally Invasive VATS Bullectomy And Pleurectomy...

Specialty:  Thoracic Surgery
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Minimally Invasive VATS Bullectomy and Pleurectomy for Primary Pneumothorax. Performed by Dr. Michael Augustine Ko at St. Joseph's Hospital, Toronto. Primary pneumothorax is a disease that usually affects,...

Thoracoscopic View Un Lung Bulla

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Young man 19 years old with spontaneous pneumothorax. Surgery after 48 hours because of persisting fistula.

Thoracoscopic Resection of the Apex of the Lung...

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The film presents thoracoscopic, stapling resection of the apex of the lung in a 15 year old boy with spontaneous pneumothorax. Apex of the lung with visible pathological changes (scars) after ruptured...

VTS Pleurectomy And Wedge Resection Of Left Upper...

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24 y.o. patient with recurrent left side pneumothorax undergone VTS pleurectomy and sublobar resection with perfect result. Discharge on 5 d. p/o.

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