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Peritoneum - 3D Schematic Anatomy & Relations

Specialty:  Anatomy
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Peritoneum anatomy explained in schematic 3D.What is the peritoneum? What is a peritoneal cavity? What is a mesentery? How does the greater and lesser omentum fit in? It's all pretty confusing, and one...

Peritoneal Entry for Laparoscopic Surgery: Techniques,...

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Peritoneal Entry for Laparoscopic Surgery: Techniques, Tips, and Tricks Mireille Truong, MD Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, USA Michelle Louie, MD University of North Carolina, Chapel...

Lecture On Pelvic Anatomy

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This video lecture demonstrate laparoscopic anatomy of pelvis. The pelvis consists of four bones: the right and left hip bones, the sacrum, and the coccyx. It serves as an attachment point for trunk and...

Laparoscopic Management of Vesicouterine Peritoneal...

Kenneth Levey

Specialty:  Gynecology
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Laparoscopic management of vesicouterine peritoneal scarring in patients with multiple prior cesarean sections. Surgery performed by Dr. Kenneth A. Levey, MD of New York Pelvic Pain and Minimally Invasive...

Gastric Cancer - Endoscopy (3 of 15)

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Scirrhous tumors metastasize early, grow quickly, and spread over the peritoneum. Prognosis is poor. tumor cells are in the submucosa and are separated by abundant connective tissue. It can be difficult...

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