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Patient with Uremic Percarditis and Three Vessels...

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Video case: patient undergone sequential CABG off pump to all target vessels and proximal just one anastomoses to innominate artery to impede further calcium mobilization and CVA. 

Patient with Mitral Valve BE and as a Source...

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Video case: brain embolism and CVA due to BE and mitral valve mobile vegetation undergone MVR and mitral valve replacement LAA left open to impede further abcess formation.

Patient with Biatrial Mass 2 and CVA Undergone...

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Clinical video case: biatrial mass undergone extensive surgery.

Executive Functional Disorders: A Brief Discussion

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Executive Functional Disorders/Deficits are those that effect the some of the actions of the frontal cortex. Planning, organizing, arranging, and other factors, that others perform subconsciously, can...