Management Of General Emergencies By Dentist

10 months ago

Case description

We dentists are mainly considered as oro health experts but can also manage general emergencies with little presence of mind, good insight of knowledge on handling emergencies, and with prompt action by being primary responders., thereby can save a patient on primary level and if , give in efforts can save a patient in seviour emergencies too. When a patient goes unresponsive, what's your responsibility as primary health care provider to save him/her,using basic life support . How to become a first responder. Have a better insight into treating general emergencies. Importance of knowing basic life support and advanced life support. Time & need when young dentists have to mandate themselves to get updated on Bls and Als. On the career front globally a BLS certification is as important as your degree. 

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN IN THIS SESSION? 1. Introduction 2. Responsibility for understanding the need to learn about emergencies. 3. A walk-through on techniques of BLS and ALS. 4. Why are we here(conclusions). 5. Live Q&A 

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