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Treating a Terminal Partial Abutment with a Selective...

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In this video Dr. William Nudera discusses an attempt to retain tooth #31 using a selective root retreatment approach. Link to insulated file technique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jx34V99aTh8

3 Month Follow Up of Unsuccessful RCT Turned...

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In this video, Dr William Nudera reviews and discusses the 3 month follow up after non-surgical root canal treatment and surgical root canal treatment of a maxillary left central incisor. 

Root Canal Bleed - Anxiety During Endodontics

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There are many reasons a root canal won't stop bleeding. Those may include: perforation, inflamed pulp, PDL irritation, strip perforation to mention a few. I hope this video gives you an idea of one option...

Should You Do A Root Canal After Apexogenesis?...

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Dr. Nasseh responds to one of the viewer questions on Instagram.

Mandibular Molar Access Opening

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This video shows preparing an access opening in mandibular molar.

Access Opening | Biomechanical Preparation |...

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Today’s video is about Access Opening & Biomechanical Preparation in Mandibular Molar. The highlights of the video are: 1) Mesial Caries Approach To Access Opening 2) Round Bur & Endo Z Bur 3)...

Step Down Technique | Cleaning and Shaping

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This video explains the step-down technique of cleaning and shaping the root canal with a graphical explanation.

Vertical Compaction Technique | Root Canal Obturation

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In this video, Dr has explained the procedure of doing vertical compaction technique of root canal obturation with easy to understand graphics that will be definitely useful for dentists and dental students.

Balanced Force Technique | Cleaning and Shaping

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In this video, Dr has explained the balanced force technique of cleaning and shaping of root canal system. With easy to understand graphics, the technique is simplified that even a beginner can understand.

Endodontic Treatment + Overlay - Clinical Case

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This time we will discuss interesting case when re-treatments meets ceramic overlay. You will see full process from A to Z and tons of tips and tricks. 

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