brain death

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Patient with Brain Death Before Organ Donation...

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Surgical video case: back table AVR in patient with organ donation after cardiac death and brain death and reonation. 

Donation after Cardiac Death First Time in the...

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Organ donation after cardiac death first time in The World.  As a result of lack of organ donation after brain death in our country we shifted to new protocol of Spain DTI or donation transplantation...

The Diagnosis of Brain Death

Specialty:  Transplantology
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The collection of cells, tissues or organs for transplantation is allowed after the confirmation of permanent and irreversible cessation of brain activity. The diagnosis of brain-stem death does not require...

Evaluation of Brain Death

Specialty:  Internal Medicine
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Learning objectives in the video: - to know when to consult donor services; - to define brain death and differentiate it from severe brain damage; - to know components of clinical brain death evaluation,...

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