cardiac death

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Post Complete Cardiac Death Organ Donation with...

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Donation after cardiac death (DCD) is a method of organ transplantation where organs are retrieved from a deceased donor shortly after their heart has stopped beating. This differs from donation after...

Ultrafiltration for Heart Harvest And Organ Donation

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In this video we show usage of cyto reductive filter for the first time in the world for heart harvest and transplantation after cardiac death by Dr. Sam Zeraatiannejaddavani IUMS.

Patient with Brain Death Before Organ Donation...

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Surgical video case: back table AVR in patient with organ donation after cardiac death and brain death and reonation. 

Donation after Cardiac Death First Time in the...

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Organ donation after cardiac death first time in The World.  As a result of lack of organ donation after brain death in our country we shifted to new protocol of Spain DTI or donation transplantation...

Evaluation of Brain Death

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Learning objectives in the video: - to know when to consult donor services; - to define brain death and differentiate it from severe brain damage; - to know components of clinical brain death evaluation,...