Functionally Generated Path Technique - Conforming in Funky Occlusions

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4 months ago

Case description

A single crown being fit in a Class I, canine guided occlusion is a piece of cake when it comes to the occlusion, but that same crown in a Class II Div 1 or AOB patient can result in occlusal errors. This episode is all about sharing a classic technique to prevent occlusal issues in ‘funky occlusions’.

Join us on this special episode as we delve into a game-changing technique – the functionally generated path technique – with the experienced and generous Dr. Tom Bereznicki. Having recently stepped into clinical retirement, Dr. Bereznicki remains a powerhouse in the education scene.

Protrusive Dental Pearl: Ensure you have an excellent relationship with your dental technician. - Working with a ‘big lab’ can sometimes have its issues. Try to visit your lab and become a familiar face so you have your specific technician that you can ask for whenever you send any indirect work. In that way, you can grow together  - with that level of communication, the level of work you get back is so much better.

Highlights of the episode:

00:00 Intro

2:06 Protrusive Dental Pearl:

4:06 Dr. Tom Bereznicki

10:16 Functionally Generated Path Technique

16:42 Lab Processes that might be beneficial using Functionally Generated Path Technique

19:47 Protocol for using the Functionally Generated Path Technique

32:48 Functionally Generated Path Technique VS Custom Incisal Guidance Table

34:31 Functionally Generated Path Technique on a single unit restoration  

38:07 Final remarks

41:11 Outro

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Check out Dr Bereznicki's website: https://tombereznicki. com/

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