How to Shade Match the Single Central Incisor

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5 months ago

Case description

It’s supposedly THE most difficult thing in Dentistry, right? Perfectly shade matching the single central incisor…well how on earth does Dr Imi Nasser NAIL the shade EVERY time?!

It’s all about his super strict, super secret protocol we gladly share with you during this full-protocol podcast. He takes us through his shade assessment protocol step-by-step, covering everything from shade guides and photography to communication and common troubleshooting scenarios. For more dental gems, follow Dr. Nasser on Instagram @driminasser    / driminasser . And if you're ready to take your skills to the next level, don't miss his courses at and https://www.aestheticprosthetic. com. Here’s how Dr. Nasser sets up his shade guide in order of value : B1, A1, B2, D2, A2, C1, C2, D4, A3, D3, B3, A3.5, B4, C3, A4, C4

And as promised, I’ve got you covered with a document summarising Dr. Nasser’s shade-taking protocol : https://protrusive.passion. io/learn/products/39700/lessons/3222909

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Highlights of the episode:

00:00 Intro

03:20 The Protrusive Dental Pearl

07:10 Dr. Imi Nasser

12:24 Material Choice when Shade Matching

17:51 Shape more important than Shade

20:06 Protocol for Shade Matching Single incisor

25:14 Taking photographs

32:19 After the prep DIE shade

37:05 Troubleshooting

41:10 Courses

47:42 Managing Unhappy patients 5

3:10 Outro

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