Medial Meniscus Transplant Surgical Technique

10 years ago

Case description

Surgical video of medial meniscus replacement technique, narrated by Dr. Kevin Stone. The video also contains additive information about postoperative treatment and Follow-Up of Medial Meniscal Allograft in The Stone Clinic.
‘Medial meniscus transplantation is performed in the following steps. First, the knee is examined and a remaining meniscus cartilage is debrided back to its stable base. Taking care to preserve as much of the remnants as possible. The rim helps prevent meniscus transplantation subluxation. Next a cannulated guide is brought into its place, and a needle passed down a guide in order to create a bleeding bed in remaining meniscus tissue as well as to swiss cheese the deep fibres of medial collateral ligament. This permits the knee to be opened widely and easy meniscus allograft insertion. Bloodying the peripheral rim is important to create a healing base. ‘

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