Nurses courses

Mechanism of Injury

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The content of the film describes the risk of occurrence, mechanism of formation, and the effects of trauma for the patient and society.

Film describes the organization of a medical...

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This instructive film shows the organization of medical assistance after a strong shaking earthquake. This exercise and training involved 8 different organizational services of a crisis management center...

Thoracic trauma factoids

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This is a video showing the most common types of chest injuries and their brief characteristics.

Head Trauma & Spinal Cord Injury

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This film is composed of two parts. The first part describes head trauma and the second part describes spinal cord injury. These two parts describe epidemiology, frequency of occurrence of injuries trauma...

Basic Trauma Workshop: Simulation

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Film is a workshop of a patient for trauma: This video shows the exercise and training for future nurses regarding phantom human body health assessments for patients.

Basic Trauma Workshop - Skills

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This film describes the workshop of a patient for traumatic cervical spine. Describing patient management regarding whiplash. It shows the skeleton the correct orthopedic collar, assumption, movement...

Musculoskeletal Trauma (fractures)

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This film is composed of two parts. The first part describes characteristics of injuries such as the formation mechanisms, estimating the consequences of injuries (principle 5P) and diagnostics. The second...

Basic Trauma Workshop: Trauma System Overview...

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Describe the history of trauma centers and the beginnings of the formation of trauma centers. It includes the beginnings of their existence and where they are today. This video film speaks of its founders...

Protocol traumatic

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The content of the film is primarily a description of the most commonly used traumatic protocols. It describes valuable information such as vices and virtues, and the use of mechanisms and diagnostics.