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Healthcare Innovations, often associated with health technology and medical advancements, is a dynamic and rapidly evolving field that focuses on developing and implementing novel solutions to improve healthcare delivery, patient outcomes, and overall system efficiency. Healthcare innovators, including clinicians, engineers, and entrepreneurs, work to address challenges in healthcare through the integration of technology, data analytics, and novel care models.

Innovations in healthcare span a wide range, including telemedicine, wearable devices, artificial intelligence, and personalized medicine. These innovations aim to enhance diagnostics, treatment options, and patient engagement while optimizing healthcare resources. Healthcare innovators collaborate with healthcare providers, policymakers, and patients to ensure that advancements align with clinical needs and improve the overall healthcare experience. The field of healthcare innovations fosters a culture of creativity and adaptability, embracing emerging technologies and approaches to address the ever-changing landscape of healthcare.

How to Fertilize a Research Environment to Grow...

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Presentation by Eirik Naess-Ulseth titled: "How to Fertilize a Research Environment to Grow Innovations into Companies" during SMIT Meeting in Oslo in May 2022. Author is sharing his experiences...

What is MEDtube in 15 Seconds

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This is a short video spot on MEDtube platform. Learn more: If you are interested in becoming Medical Educator, please see this explainer video:

Role of Videos in Medical Education

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Discussion on the role of videos in medical education, Harm Peters (Charite Berlin) and Paul de Roos (Uppsala University). Moderator: Olga Rostkowska.  

Versius in the OR

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Transforming Surgery. For Good. The Versius® Surgical Robotic System is CE marked according to EC Directive 93/42/EEC (the MDD) and is intended to assist in the accurate control of its surgical endoscopic...

Unlocking MEDtube: Your Ultimate eLearning Resource...

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Dr. Erkeda DeRouen talks to Wojtek Dolkowski, the co-founder and CEO of MEDtube. They talk about MEDtube as a learning resource and the best way for students to use the platform.

Audio Recording Your Consultations? The Future...

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Audio recording your consultations? The future of dental record keeping!

Healthcare Management and Service Development...

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Hany Elbardesy on healthcare management and service development scenarios. For upcoming webinars and courses , please visit: Please follow us on Twitter ,Facebook ,Instagram...

Vesalius Innovation Award: 2023 Edition

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Advancing the future of science, Karger Publishers launches its 4th Annual Vesalius Innovation Award 2023. Once again, we are pleased to invite innovative entrepreneurs to participate. Surgeon Andreas...

Efficient Clinical Workflow in ECG247 Solution...

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Presentation title: "Efficient Clinical Workflow in ECG247 Solution for Arrhythmia Diagnostics". Author: Rune Fensli. This video was recorded during SMIT 2022 meeting in Oslo (May 2022). Produced by ©MEDtube...

Development of a Wasp-Inspired Tissue Transport...

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Presentation title: "Development of a Wasp-Inspired Tissue Transport System".  Author: Aimee Sakes. This video was recorded during SMIT 2022 meeting in Oslo (May 2022). Produced by MEDtube...