Anterior Cervical Fibroid

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2 weeks ago

Case description

Surgical video case: large cervical fibroids arising from within the stroma of cervix require special surgical technique. The cervix should not be damaged. Careful identification of endocervix and separating it from the fibroid  may lead to bleeding if dissection is not in proper plane. If the dissection is not in proper plane there can be injury to the endocervical columnar epithelium and opening of cervix. In this surgery also at one place the cervical canal is opened. This is sutured separately. Remaining part of cervical stromal portion is also sutured.. Cervix is often elongated because of the tumor.

Additionally inbag morcellation is demonstrated.

tags: cervical fibroid FIBROID Cervix surgical technique identification of endocervix endocervical columnar epithelium surgical video case surgical education eLearning surgery cervical canal inbag morcellation

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