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Anterior Cruciate Ligament Knee Trauma Examination...

Bancha Chernchujit

The video presents how to examine a patient with ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) trauma before the surgery using Pivot test.

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Popeye Syndrom-Interruption of Biceps Muscle...

Bancha Chernchujit

In the video we can see Popeey sign due to biceps muscle sinew interruption.

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Tenodesis Intervention Due To After Surgery...

Bancha Chernchujit

In the video we can see Biceps muscle tenodesis due to disruption after the surgery.

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Abduction Inferior Stability Examination

Bancha Chernchujit

The video shows Abduction Inferior Stability Test (ABIS Examination). The soreness appear when the patient during shoulder abduction (to 90 degrees) load the arm inferiorly.

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Postoperative Follow Up After Acromioclavicular...

Bancha Chernchujit

In the movie we can see effects after surgical removal of an acromioclaviular joint due to joint arthritis.

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Surgical Rotator Cuff Repair Due To Impingement

Bancha Chernchujit

In the video we can see 50-year old man being operated because of the higher limb weakness and soreness. During surgery a total supraspinatur tear of rotator cuff was discovered. At the end of the movie...

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Posterior Stretch Of The Capsule

Bancha Chernchujit

The video presents a stretch of posterior capsule.

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Scapulothoracic Snapping Of The Shoulder

Bancha Chernchujit

The video is an illustration of the snapping shoulder.

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Subacromion Injection Method

Bancha Chernchujit

The video clip presents subacromion method of injection.

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Rotator Cuff Impairment Beneath Blade-Bone

Bancha Chernchujit

This video shows arthroscopic image diagnosing subscapularis trauma of rotator tear cuff.

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