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Knee Examination In Patient With Anterior-...

Bancha Chernchujit

The video is a short presentation of the knee assessment in a patient with knee displacement before surgery. Lachmann and posterior drawer sign both resulted positive.

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Knee Displacement And Posterior Cruciate...

Bancha Chernchujit

The video clip shows knee displacement and posterior cruciate ligament trauma.

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Diminuishing Of A Hip Displacement

Bancha Chernchujit

In the video we can see diminuishing of the hip instability.

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Subacromial Mioplasty Method Due To Impingement

Bancha Chernchujit

In the video we can see subacromial mioplasty method.

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Impingment Syndrome In A Testing Before...

Bancha Chernchujit

In the video clip we can see an assessment of the shoulder before surgery. Patient is diagnosed with subacromion impigment syndrome and consequently both Neer's test and Hawkin's sign resulted positively.

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Internal Rotation Deficiency Examination

Bancha Chernchujit

Rotation lag sign normally results positively in case of subscapularis rupture. However in this video clip we can see that sign resulting positive in a normal arm .

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Shoulder Joint Manipulation In Anesthesia...

Bancha Chernchujit

The video shows shoulder joint manipulation in anesthesia in a frozen shoulder case.

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Self Passive Stretching Exercise In A Frozen...

Bancha Chernchujit

The video contains the presentation of the frozen shoulder rehabilitation method. The exercise has a self stretching character: Body mass is used to stretch anterior capsule part. The shoulder is abducted...

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Exercise For Frozen Shoulder After Surgical...

Bancha Chernchujit

The video is a short presentation of the rehabilitation in a patient with a surgical arthroscopic manipulation and capsular incision.

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Motility Range After Capsule Incision In...

Bancha Chernchujit

The patient was diagnosed with an acute frozen shoulder. The video presents improvement of the postoperative shoulder motility range and painless movements.

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