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Subscapularis Lift Off Examination

Bancha Chernchujit

In the video we can see subscapularis lift off examination.

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Load And Shift Examination In Chronic Shoulder...

Bancha Chernchujit

The video presents shoulder assessment before surgery using load and shift exam. The patient suffered from chronic anterior displacement of the shoulder.

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Severe Supraspinatus Tear

Bancha Chernchujit

In the video we can see severe supraspinatus injury of rotation cuff.

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Examination For Supraspinatus Rupture

Bancha Chernchujit

The video presents the supraspinatus tear examination.

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Aspiration Of The Knee Joint Due To Synovium...

Bancha Chernchujit

The video presents knee aspiration method in an effusion case. Sterility is provided, aspiration point is 2,5 centimeters below the superior patella part.

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Posterior Cruciate Ligament Correction Due...

Bancha Chernchujit

The video prestents knee assessment after the surgery in a patient diagnosed with a knee instability. Both anterior and posterior cruciate ligament as well as lateral meniscus were ruptured. Reconstruction...

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Knee Examination In Patient With Anterior-...

Bancha Chernchujit

The video is a short presentation of the knee assessment in a patient with knee displacement before surgery. Lachmann and posterior drawer sign both resulted positive.

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Knee Displacement And Posterior Cruciate...

Bancha Chernchujit

The video clip shows knee displacement and posterior cruciate ligament trauma.

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Diminuishing Of A Hip Displacement

Bancha Chernchujit

In the video we can see diminuishing of the hip instability.

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Subacromial Mioplasty Method Due To Impingement

Bancha Chernchujit

In the video we can see subacromial mioplasty method.

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