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Sub Aortic VSD (2)

narendra chaudhari

Same case sort axis view at aortic level defect at 9 oclock position.

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Sub Aortic VSD (1)

narendra chaudhari

21 year old lady c/o recurrent rti no complaints, loud systolic murmur at 3 rd intercostal space ekg -right axis deviation and rvh no other positive finding echo shows sub aortic vsd with 50 % over ridding...

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ECG Case: Evolving T-wave changes

Amal Mattu

If you have concerns of an ECG - get serial ECGs! T-wave changes can predict cardiac ischemia Wellens syndrome - Biphasic T-wave pattern in precordial leads can be specific for proximal LAD lesions

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ECG Case: Brugada Syndrome

Amal Mattu

ECG Findings in V1-V3 -RBBB or Incomplete RBBB -Coved or Saddle type ST-segment elevation It is important not to miss this condition. Patients with Brugada syndrome can develope fast polymorphic...

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ECG Case: The diagnosis of MI in LBBB &...

Amal Mattu

Sgarbossa’s criteria is used to diagnose MI in the setting of LBBB or paced rhythms. 1. STE ≥ 1mm concordant with QRS in any lead 2. STD ≥ 1mm in V1, V2, or V3 that is concordant. 3. Discordant STE...

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Multiple Rhabdomyomas In Patient With Tuberous...

maged al ali

Echocardiographic parasternal long axis view shows rhabdomyomas in a 3 month-old girl with tuberous sclerosis. There are multiple locations of the tumors: left ventricle, left ventricular outflow tract...

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ECG Case: Irregular Narrow-Complex Tachycardia

Amal Mattu

Differential diagnosis for Irregular Narrow-Complex Tachycardia -Atrial Fibrillation No clear atrial activity -Atrial flutter with variable conduction Regular atrial activity around...

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ECG Case: Is it really Atrial Fibrillation?

Amal Mattu

If the rythm is regularly irregular it is not AF! Look for P-waves! What can it be? -Premature Atrial Complexes (groups of 2 -> atrial bigeminy, groups of 3 -> atrial trigeminy) -2nd Degree...

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ECG Case: Hyperkalemia & Bradycardia

Amal Mattu

ECG findings in Hyperkalemia -Peaked T-waves -Widening of the QRS -Prolonged PR -Flattening of P-waves -Advanced AV Blocks and sinus pauses ​-Pseudo ACS, new BBB’s, ST-segment...

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ECG Case: Short QT interval

Amal Mattu

Causes of short QT-Interval -Digoxin Toxicity -Hypercalcemia -Congenital syndrome

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