Robotic Left Upper Lobectomy For T1 N2 NSCLC (Unedited)

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a year ago
Thoracic Surgery

Case description

Surgical case: this female patient in her early 70s had a 2cm apical left upper lobe tumour with a 17mm FDG avid lymph node on the superior aspect of the lung hilum. It was unclear if this represented a station 10 or 5 lymph node. Regardless, the lung multidisciplinary meeting recommended she undergo surgical resection. At surgery the node in question was a AP window (station 5) node. In addition, she had a mediastinal lingular artery, which is said to be present in up to 20% of patients. Her lung fissure was largely incomplete. We present the video in full. We sped up the video x2, x4, or x8 times in various sections to improve its watchability. The surgeon console time was 90 minutes. The patient was discharged from hospital on post-operative day 5 as she had a small air leak for the first 3 days. Her finaly pathology results indicated a 16mm acinar predom adenoca. PL0. T1bN2M0R0. Station 5 20mm LN had intracapsular tumour involvement, all other LNs had no tumour involvement. 

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