ventilation tube

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Endoscopic Tympanic Ventilation Tube Insertion...

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Ent surgery case: tympanic centilation tubes (grommets). Back to basics, I have realized that I haven’t uploaded yet a video showing the insertion of a ventilation tube. This is a simple and safe...

Broncoflex - Double Lumen Endobronchial Tube...

TSC Life

Specialty:  Thoracic Surgery
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In cardiothoracic surgery, it may be necessary to exclude ventilation of the lung that is being operated on or located close to the site of surgery using a double-lumen tube. Single lung ventilation involves...

Insertion of Ventilation Tube in Eardrum

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Insertion of ventilation tube in eardrum - Ales Matos (

Grommet In-Situ

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In this video we can see a ventilation tube or grommet in the eardrum for the purpose of short-term ventilation of the middle ear. The drum will extruded it spontaneously. Amongst it’s commoner indications...