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Lung, Kidney - Metastatic Calcification

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Identify the calcifications. Where are they? What would you expect the patient's serum calcium level to me in metastatic calcification?

Liver, Lymph Node - Hemochromatosis - Hemosiderosis

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What stain might you suggest to prove that the golden brown intracellular pigment is hemosiderin and not bile or melanin? Find some. Can severe iron deposition cause portal fibrosis and regenerating nodules?...

Liver - Fatty Change 3

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What percentage of this liver's weight might you guess would be fat? Is the overall portal architecture still preserved? Is there inflammation? Is there neoplasm?

Liver - Hemochromatosis

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Differentiate hemosiderosis from hemochromatosis. Which is worse? Name three common substances that stain golden brown by routine stains? How do you prove it might be hemosiderin? What stain might you...

Liver - Fatty Change 2

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What are the two most common causes of fatty liver, by far? Is fatty change, fatty metamorphosis, and steatosis, all terms for the same thing? What color might this liver be grossly? Why? Might it look...

Liver - Fatty Change

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What is MICRO-vesicular fat? How does it differ from MACRO-vesicular? Which one is more advanced? Point out a microvesicle.


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Liver--Cholestasis What is the definition of cholestasis? Find some bile lakes here. What is a bile lake? What are common causes of cholestasis? What is the common denominator for all cholestasis?

Alcoholic Liver Disease

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Can the terms alcoholic hyaline and Mallory body be used interchangeably? What is it? Find some. How does it differ from a Councilman body Is fat a major finding of alcoholic hepatitis? Is it commonly...

Arteries - Arterio- And Arteriolo-Sclerosis

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What is the difference between arterial sclerosis and arteriolar sclerosis? Are they related to atherosclerosis? Are they part of atherosclerosis? Point out an example of each

Kidney - Nephrocalcinosis

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Does metastatic calcification mean metastatic disease is present? How does it differ from dystrophic calcification? Demonstrate some calcified areas within tubules?

Interphalangeal Joint Of Toe - Gout

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What is a tophus? What kinds of cells and tissues comprise it? Point out the foreign body type giant cells. Encircle a tophus. Why is formalin fixation not ideal for tophus specimens? associated with?...

Gallbladder - Cholesterolosis

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Show the cholesterolosis areas? Which part of the gallbladder wall is it found in. What is it highly associated with? What kind of calculi are found, very often, with cholesterolosis, yellow or green?...

Barrett Esophagus 2

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Define intestinalization of esophageal mucosa. Show it on this slide. What is, by far, the most common cause of a Barrett esophagus?

Barrett Esophagus

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Should all esophageal mucosa, ideally, be squamous? What do you call it when it is replaced by glandular, i.e., gastric or intestinal, type of mucosa? A long standing Barrett esophagus presents a statistical...

Endometrium - Senile Atrophy

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What is the normal thickness of the endometrium, in mm. during an endometrial monthly cycle? What is an average thickness of an endometrium in atrophy, in mm.? Are actual endometrial glands sparse here?...

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