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The Painful Hip Replacement - How to Evaluate...

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This video explores the causes of post-hip replacement pain and provides evaluation techniques. Join the channel membership to unlock access to premium courses https://www.youtube. com/channel/UCpKGX6esbmV364XDaTQGckQ/join

External Fixation

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External Fixation (OrthoConcepts). Join the channel membership to unlock access to premium courses https://www. youtube.com/channel/UCpKGX6esbmV364XDaTQGckQ/join

Intracapsular Femoral Fractures

kemal gokkus

Specialty:  Orthopedics
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Intracapsular femoral neck fractures. Reduction technique. 

What is a Stable Pelvic Ring Injury?

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What is a stable pelvic ring injury? Join the channel membership to unlock access to premium courses.

Basic Concepts of Proximal Humerus Fractures

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Basic concepts of proximal humerus fractures. For upcoming webinars and courses, please visit: www.OrthopaedicAcademy. co.uk Please follow us on Twitter ,Facebook ,Instagram , LinkedIn and Telegram Concise...

Basic Concepts of Neer Classification

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Basic concepts of Neer classification. For courses , webinars and books , please visit: www.OrthopaedicAcademy .co.uk Be one of our top supporters and write us a Google Review : https://g. page/r/CQRcRifE9uj2EBM/review...

Principles of Deformity Correction for Orthopaedic...

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Alex Trompeter - the video is a joint session between the FRCS Mentor group and an expert lecturer, Mr. Alex Trompeter on the principles of limb reconstruction and joint deformity correction for the FRCS...

Principles of Orthopaedic Oncology

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Principles of orthopaedic oncology. For upcoming webinars and courses , please visit: www. OrthopaedicAcademy.co.uk. Please follow us on Twitter ,Facebook ,Instagram , LinkedIn and Telegram. Concise Orthopaedic...

Bone Cement

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Firas Arnaout & Athar Siddiqui. Bone cement is a composite material called polymethyl methacrylate used in orthopedics. - It has mechanical properties such as poor tensile strength, moderate shear...

Shoulder Arthroplasty for Orthopaedic Exams

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Jikku Haniball: - The presentation is about shoulder arthroplasty for orthopedic exams. - The scope of the talk includes relevant anatomy, aims, technical challenges, pros and cons of surgical approaches,...

Ankle Arthritis

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Marwan Elshafie: - The presentation is about ankle arthritis, a commonly asked topic in medical scenarios. - The speaker emphasizes the importance of knowing the anatomy of the ankle joint, including...

Principles of Amputations

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Mahmoud Rahuma - Presentation on principles of limb amputation with a focus on surgical technique and course of surgery. - Peripheral vascular disease is the most common cause of limb amputation, followed...

Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis

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Tahir Khan on slipped upper femoral epiphysis. For upcoming webinars and courses , please visit: www.OrthopaedicAcademy.co.uk Please follow us on Twitter ,Facebook ,Instagram ,LinkedIn and Telegram Concise...

Adult Hip Dysplasia

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Usman Kattak - The talk is about adult hip dysplasia and its challenges. - Hip dysplasia is a leading cause of arthritis in young adults. - The condition involves distorted hip anatomy and abnormal...

Adult Hip Reconstruction for Orthopaedic Exams...

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Farid Uddin - The presentation is focused on adult hip reconstruction for the FRCS exam. - The presenter is an orthopedic surgeon named Farid from Bournemouth. - The presentation will be recorded and...

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