Knee Examination for Orthopaedic Exams (Part 2)

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2 weeks ago

Case description

Jeh Mahaluximavala - the lecture is from FRCS Mentor teaching session on knee examination for orthopaedic exams.

- The session includes a senior mentor, along with a patient and a candidate.

- The session focuses on a clinical examination of a patient's knee, discussing inspection, scars, deformities, gait patterns, and palpation.

- The importance of controlling the situation and providing clear instructions to the patient is emphasized.

- The session also mentions the significance of special tests and comparing the affected limb to the normal limb, but highlights that it may not be necessary in the exam scenario.

This teaching video is specifically helpful for candidates preparing for the following Orthopaedic Exams : FRCS , European Board (FEBOT) , SICOT Diploma and Arabic Boards

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