oral cancer

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Submental Flap for Oral Cancer Reconstruction

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Surgical technique video: the submental flap provides an alternative technique in orofacial reconstruction, especially in situations where free flap services are not available. In this video we demonstrate...

Is This Spot Oral Cancer?? | How To Identify...

Specialty:  Dental Surgery
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Oral cancer is sometimes obvious, and sometimes subtle. This patient presents with a tongue lesion that has been present for two months and she is concerned. What does oral cancer look like and how do...

Learn the Oral Self Examination/Oral Cancer Screening...

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Learn how to perform an oral self examination to screen for oral cancer! Performing an oral self examination is easy to do and can save your life. This video is intended for both patients and providers....

Understanding Oral Cancer (Causes, Symptoms,...

Dr Vipin Goel

Specialty:  Students
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Dr. Vipin Goel talks about oral cancer, risk factors, symptoms of oral cancer, diagnosis, stages of oral cancer and treatment.

Oral Cancer ( Answering 7 Questions on Oral Cancer)

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Dr.Vipin Goel talks about Oral Cancer, Risk factors, Symptoms of oral cancer, Diagnosis, Stages of oral cancer and Treatment.

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