kidney transplantation

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Simultaneous Heart and Kidney Transplant

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Simultaneous heart and kidney transplant, also known as a dual organ transplant, is a complex surgical procedure that involves the transplantation of both a heart and a kidney from a deceased donor into...

Mini Incision Kidney Transplantation

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Surgical video case: mini incision kidney transplantation.

Ureteral Reimplantation in Kidney Transplant

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Clinical case of the surgical management of ureteral stenosis in a kidney transplant recipient. UROCUYO

Robotic Approach to Kidney Transplantation

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This video shows a presentation about the current global status of the robotic approach to kidney transplantation. Dr. Rajesh Ahlawat was one of the members of the international team of surgeons who developed...

Kidney Transplants in Highly Sensitized Patients

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Stanislaw Stepkowski, DVM, PhD, DSc, presents his lecture entitled "Kidney Transplants in Highly Sensitized Patients" delivered during the International Organ Donation Conference in Ryn, Poland.

Overcoming Barriers to Maximizing Kidney Paired...

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Adam W. Bingaman, MD, PhD, presents his lecture entitled "Overcoming Barriers to Maximizing Kidney Paired Donation" delivered during the International Organ Donation Conference in Ryn (Poland),...

5TH Annual Update In Abdominal Transplantation...

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The following video, recorded during 5th Annual Update in Abdominal Transplantation, focuses on the issues of kidney transplantation from living donor including surgical considerations and post-transplant...

Autotransplantation of Kidney

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Autotransplantation of kidney whith retroperitoneoscopic nephrectomy, like a kidney donation live. Miguel Angel Alonso Prieto. León, Spain.

Minimally Invasive Donor Nephrectomy For Transplantation...

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A Kidney transplantation from a living donor is the best method of a renal replacement therapy. There are new, less invasive surgical techniques, which include videoscopic methods such as laparoscopy,...

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