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TachoSil for Better Haemostasis and Suture Support...

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Procedural video to demonstrate how TachoSil can contribute to reach secondary hemostasis and sealing to manage bleeding after minimally invasive myoma enuleation.

Huge Teratoma Cystectomy

Marco Arones

Specialty:  Gynecology
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Laparoscopic cystectomy of huge ovarian teratoma, with monopolar and bipolar forceps with ovarian cortex preservation. 

Abdominal Myomectomy

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Surgical video case: 25year, single lady with excessive abnormal uterine bleeding. Her MRI revealed hugh myoma about 20*15*5cm. Abdominal myomectomy with preservation of the uterus done.

First Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries Wetter...

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In the early 1980's Dr. Paul Alan Wetter brought the first advanced laparoscopic surgery techniques to the US. His pioneering surgery, technique and instrument development led to the development of advanced...

Endometriosis - TLH

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Video: grade 4 endometriosis with frozen pelvis. Pan hysterectomy with recto vaginal and omentum nodules excision.

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