femoral artery

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How to Perform Lower Extremity AV Fistula with...

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In this video learn how to perform lower extremity AV fistula for dialysis when femoral artery and illiac artery calcified.

Common Femoral Vein Thrombosis And Superficial...

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The following material shows a case of thrombosis of common femoral vein and occlusion of superficial femoral artery.

Atherosclerotic Femoral Artery

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Atherosclerosis of the lower limb arteries commonly involves superficial femoral artery in its part extending through the adductor canal. Rarely it involves popliteal arteries or deep artery of thigh....

Stent In Femoral Artery

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An ischaemia of the lower limbs is a common problem, caused by arterial stenosis, which can occur on different levels of the limb. Chronic ischaemia is usually caused by atherosclerosis of the superficial...

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