Aryepiglottic Cyst - Moderate Size

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7 years ago

Case description

Cysts are swellings which contain fluid - from clear to straw-coloured mucoid material, unless infected (it became mucopurulent and rapidly increase in volume). They are lined by mucosal lining. Most of aerodigestive cysts are benign and mucous retentive. Symptoms are caused by mass effect during the process of enlargement. Small cysts are asymptomatic in the majority of patients. The negative effects includes globus sensation, frequent throat clearing, and non-specific coughs. Cyst with significant enlargement may prolapse into laryngeal inlet or the upper esophageal opening - finally it causes obstruction. A moderate-sized sessile left ariepiglottic cyst is shown in this clip. No significant changes at the vocal folds were found. Laryngopharyngeal reflux disease may be the cause of arytenoids appearance - they are mildly erythematous. Diathermy, radiofrequency device or carbon dioxide laser can be used to completely remove the cyst. Prognosis is very good after proper treatment.

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