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A 3D Model of a Person Coughing in an Indoor...

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Note: This video is in unlisted mode as there is a version with updated complete credit list of researchers included in the project. For all linking and sharing purpose please use the updated version...

Advances in COVID-19 Testing: PCR Test Validated...

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Rick Martin, CEO of Microgen Diagnostics, discusses COVID-19 testing with E. David Crawford, MD. Mr. Martin explains the type of tests currently used around the world, how exactly the tests are administered,...

Amazing Explanation Of The Malaria Lifecycle

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This amazing animation, developed with support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, shows exactly what happens when a malaria-carrying mosquito bites a human host. The parasite enters the bloodstream,...

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

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In 2011, the NIH Clinical Center had a cluster of infections of a pathogen that tops the CDC's list of urgent threats: antibiotic-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae. This bacteria, which can cause bloodstream...

Bloodstream Infections Linked to Probiotics

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Author discusses the topic of bloodstream infections linked to probiotics.

China Infection Control Measures Described

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Video on infection control measures in China described.

Climate Change Increases Range of Deadly Fungus

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The author describes how climate change may impact the range of deadly fungal infections.

Clostridium difficile: Infection, Impact and...

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Clostridium difficile infection is a serious condition that can lead to colon destruction. In this virtual lecture, Michael Miller, PhD, Microbiology Technical Services, LLC, talks about what the organism...

Consensus on B-lactamases

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This episode is dedicated to the memory of the late George A. Jacoby, who was a pillar in the B-lactamase research community and a leader in the field of antimicrobial resistance. Assigning names to b-lactamase...