Tubaric Twist 13 Years Old

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a year ago

Case description

Clinical case year 2001 acute abdomen. Isolated tubal torsion in a 13-year old adolescent clinical diagnosis. Ecographic and laparoscopic. Distortion. Salpingectomy. The anamnesis allows us to suspect the mechanical (ischemic) nature of the clinical picture due to its presentation, intermittent evolution, absence of infectious / hemorrhagic signs. Transrectal ultrasound (with transvaginal probe) shows an image suggestive of adnexal, more tubal pathology when looking at the normal image of the right ovary. In clinical practice, the important thing is to suspect adnexal torsion as an acute accident resulting from surgical treatment, if possible conservative -distortion-. It is secondary -preoperatively- that it is adnexal or only tubal (less frequent) In laparoscopy the tube was distorted without observing any significant change. Salpingectomy was performed.

I present the clinical diagnostic process, imaging, confirmation and laparoscopic surgical treatment. The final (clinical) diagnosis is ISOLATED TUBAR TORQUE. Anatomopathological diagnosis: HYDROSALPING. COMMENT: "Hydrosalping is the collection of aqueous and sterile fluid in the fallopian tube, a terminal phase of piosalping" (Daniel R. Mishell. Treaty of Gynecology 3rd ed. Harcourt Brace. Madrid 1999, p. 661). I can only have a clinical explanation, that the isolated torsion of the tube caused the hydrosalping.

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