Biologic Width | Importance In Restorative Dentistry

11 months ago

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All about the concept of biologic width and its implications in restorative dentistry. A topic which is unfortunately often neglected in clinical practice but is extremely important for the success of your restorations. It is one the most critical factors to consider when preparing a tooth for a crown and is very important in clinical practice …as violent the biologic width will have direct consequences on the periodontal health. NOTE : The term biologic width is replaced by supracrestal tissue attachment consisting of junctional epithelium and supracrestal connective tissue.

This video explains: 1) Concept of Biologic Width 2) Importance of Biologic Width 3) How is it clinically relevant? 4) Biologic Width Violation 5) Diagnosis of Biologic Width Violation 6) How to measure the Biologic Width 7) Different Crest Positions 8) Rules of Margin Placement 9) How to correct the Biologic Width Violation?

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