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What is MEDtube in 15 Seconds

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This is a short video spot on MEDtube platform. Learn more: If you are interested in becoming Medical Educator, please see this explainer video:

Vagina tightening surgery

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Vaginaplasty is a restortive plastic surgery to alter and improve the function and appearance of the female genitals. It is a relatively new field in aesthetic surgery, however along the later years this...

Earwax Removal

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Syringing with warm water (at body temperature) is presented as a technique of removing the earwax. This procedure needs softening solution instilled before or softer wax to be properly performed. Patient...

Labioplasty- Labia surgery

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Labioplasty, labiaplasty, inner & outer vagina lips Surgery. Dr Barnouti, Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Sydney Australia. The labia & Vagina surgery is designed to reduce the size of the inner...

Surgery Of A Lipoma On The Forearm

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Author presents surgery of a lipoma on the forearm.

Laparoscopic Neovaginoplasty

Paul P.G

Specialty:  Gynecology
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This video presents construction of the vaginal complex using laparoscopic method.

Radical Wertheim Hysterectomy With Bilateral...

Mounir El-Hao

Specialty:  Gynecology
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This video presents radical hysterectomy. It is commonly performed for stage IB and early stage IIA carcinoma of the cervix. The uterus, upper vagina, and all the parametrial tissues to the pelvic side...

3 Minutes Total Colonoscopy - 4

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In this video you can see 3 minutes total colonoscopy - 4.

Orchidectomy And Orchidopexy Due To Testicular...

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Medical video by Dr Ashish Bhanot where patient had testicular gangrene due to testicular torsion orchidectomy and fixing another testicle with increased mobility (orchidopexy) was performed on other...

Orchidectomy And Orchidepexy Due To Testicular...

Dr Ashish Bhanot

Specialty:  Urology
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Medical video presenting an orchidectomy due to testicular torsion and fixing another testicle with increased mobility (orchidopexy). It should protect that testicle from it's torsion and possible complications.