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“Crown of Death”; Corona Mortis, a Common Vascular...

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Surgical video case: corona mortis is an abnormal arterial or venous anastomosis between the external iliac or inferior epigastric and the obturator system of vessels and may cause significant hemorrhage...

‏Patient with Extensive Ascending Aorta Dissection...

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Surgical video case: patient with extensive ascending aorta dissection abd valve preserving supra coronary preservation and dean innominate artery cannula.  

Сlitoroplasty: an Example of The Surgical Procedure

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In this video you can see an example of clitoroplasty – a surgical procedure, which women and girls undergo when they have an abnormal enlargement of the clitoris. The surgery aims to correct clitoral...

Еctopic Pregnancy

Rossen Tushev

Specialty:  Gynecology
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This material presents ectopic pregnancy.

Α Simple Echocardiography Quiz Parasternal 2-...

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Α Simple Echocardiography Quiz Parasternal 2- D Basal Short Axis View

 Kyphosis Of Lumbar And Thoracic Spine with Mucopolysaccharoidosis

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An 11-year old female complained of the lower back deformation. Because of the vertebral deformity she was suffering from the back pain and had walking difficulties. Erlier the girl was made a diagnosis...

[The Caries Debate] To Drill or Not to Drill...

Jaz Gulati

Specialty:  Orthodontics
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Many Dentists still believe that caries in to dentine on a radiograph automatically means they need to start drilling - why might they be wrong? 0:00 Introduction 9:27 Why should use a caries detection...


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Author presents zyprexa. Medical Animations by High Impact Graphics. Learn more at or give us a call at 800-749-2184.

Zonula Dialysis With CTR

Dr. Ahmed

Specialty:  Ophthalmology
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This soft case, with inferios dialysis managed with low parameters phaco then after gentle I/A put an injectable CTR to support the BAG before IOL implantation.

Zone 2 Injury

Mehul Shah

Specialty:  Ophthalmology
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This video displays surgical techniques surgical repairs for zone 2 ucular injuries.