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20 x 18 cm Lateral Wall Isthmic Fibroid

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TREATMENT (PLAN OF SURGERY) :- Lap. Myomectomy Lap. Myomectomy done under general anaesthesia given by Dr. Amit and done by Dr. Pravin Kanani. LAPROSCOPY: - 10/5 MM primary trocher insersion done....

Acute Cholecystitis Makes Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy...

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Laparoscopy video: acute cholecystitis is a severe complication of gall stone disease. The exact incidence of acute cholecystitis is unclear. Reports of early cholecystectomy for acute cholecystitis started...

Anal Fistula Treatment Ano-Popliteal Fistula...

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Clinical video case: anal fistula treatment ano-popliteal fistula "Longest Anal Fistula".

Ano-Vesical Fistula| Ano-Ovarian Fistula with...

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Video case: Recto-Vesical Fistula| Ano-Vesical Fistula| Ano-Ovarian fistula With Rt Ovarian Extension. Dr Ashish Bhanot.

Anterior and Posterior Rhexis in Posterior Polar...

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Oval anterior and posterior rhexis done in a case of posterior polar cataract. Intraocular lens implanted in the bag. No need for vitrectomy.

Anterior Thoracic Lung Herniation and Repair

Specialty:  Thoracic Surgery
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The video shows a case of acquired anterior thoracic lung herniation in a 63-year-old female. This painful herniation developed four years after uncomplicated video-assisted thoracic surgery for lung...

Bilateral sactosalpinx right paraovarian cyst

Vasilios Tanos

Specialty:  Gynecology
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In this video you can see bilateral sactosalpinx right paraovarian cyst.

Biventricular Noncompaction with Pulmonary Hypertension...

maged al ali

Specialty:  Cardiology
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This is an echocardiography of a baby with biventricular noncompaction cardiomyopathy. A CW Doppler recording shows tricuspid regurgitation. Video by Maged Al Ali MD.

Brain aneurysm - Anterior Communicating Artery...

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These aneurysms are one of the most common sites of brain aneurysms. They commonly present with subarachnoid haemorrhage, headache, vomiting, altered sensorium, microsurgical obliteration is treatment...

Colostomy in Fistula in Ano

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Colostomy in fistula in ano.