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Second – Look Tympanoplasty

Department of Otolaryngology - Medical University of Warsaw

The aim of the second – look tympanoplasty is to check the middle ear in respect of inflammatory tissue and removing it as well to restore sound conduction. Through posterior tympanotomy performed during...

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ALVO Hybrid Cathlab

Alvo Medical

Case study of American Heart of Poland Clinic in Bielsko-Biała, Poland. American Heart of Poland Clinics are the net of interventional cardiology, angiology and cardiosurgery in Poland.

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ALVO Retractor System

Alvo Medical

The system allows to provide optimal use of a surgical incision in order to ensure good access within the operative field. It is intended for treatments in top part of abdominal cavity.

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Pulmonary Vascular Congestion - Chest X-Ray

David Mintz

This video shows two chest radiographs on the same patient, one normal, the other with pulmonary vascular congestion/ pulmonary vascular redistribution. Video presented by David Mintz MD.

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Heart And Abdomen CT Imaging Anatomy - Uncommon...

David Mintz

This video presents a CT Imaging with description of cross-sectional anatomy and physiology of chest and abdomen. CT heart anatomy and physiology. Moreover an uncommon finding of a left lower quadrant...

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Colonoscopy And Colon Cancer Screeing

Colorectal Surgery Services

Dr. Cannon Lewis discuss screening for colon or rectal cancer. Colon masses or cancer can have the symptoms of bleeding, constipation, change in bowel habits, weight loss or anemia. In general, people...

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Laparoscopic Sigmoid Colectomy

Colorectal Surgery Services

This portion of the video shows dissection of the inferior mesenteric artery (IMA) during a laparoscopic sigmod colectomy. Video by John H. Winston, III, M.D.

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Diverticulitis And Diverticulosis

Colorectal Surgery Services

Diverticulosis is the presence of small, weak spots in the colon. This is not to be confused with diverticulitis which is infections in the abdomen caused by these weak spots. Diverticulitis can result...

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ECG Case: CNS disease

Amal Mattu

ECG findings in patients with elevated intracranial pressure: Diffuse T-wave enlargement and inversions Brady- and tachydysrhythmias Non-specific ST changes ST changes mimicking ischemia

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Incarcerated fibroid


Laparoscopic/ robotic myomectomy for incarcerated fibroid

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