Left VATS Thymectomy Using Transcollation Technology

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3 years ago
Thoracic Surgery

Case description

54 yo man, CT scan findings of a thymic lesion and mild elevated SUV on PET-CT; no myasthenia symptoms. We performed a left VATS thymectomy with CO2 assistance, balancing traditional electrocautery and Transcollation (Aquamantys) for dissecting. As our first experience using this energy device for mediastinal surgery, the result achieved was satisfactory. Pros: easy dissection on pericardium layer and powerful hemostasis. Cons: difficult to perform precise dissection without traditional electrocautery use. OR time was 1 hour and 35 minutes (skin to skin) Histological exams confirmed the suspect of thymic hyperplasia. The patient was discharged home in POD 2 with an uneventful postoperative course.

tags: VATS Thymectomy Transcollation Aquamantys thymectomy left VATS

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