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Prone PCNL Without Inserting Ureteral Catheter...

CHIEN Nguyen Xuan

Specialty:  Urology
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Standard prone PCNL technique involves two steps: placing a ureteral catheter and then flipping the patient back to a prone position. However, many authors have reported that the step of placing...

The Use of TachoSil® for Final Haemostasis and...

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Two different techniques of intra-fascial prostate cancer  treatment are explained step-by-step in RARP. Focus on potency recovery following radical prostatectomy remains a challenge due to its multifactorial...

Laparoscopic Uretero-Vesical Reimplantation

Leonardo Romeo

Specialty:  Urology
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Surgical video case: We present our technique for either ureteral strictures or fistulas.

Vena Cava Repair During Retroperitoneoscopic...

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During right partial or radical nephrectomy the vena cava can be damaged. The laparoscopic approach offers great advantages for the patient with lower blood loss, pain and hospital stay, but on the other...

Subcutaneousureteral Ureteral Bypass for Complex...

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Subcutaneousureteral bypass, also called pyelovesical bypass, is a permanent device used for the treatment of complex ureteral stenosis when all other treatments fail or not indicated, especially in oncologic...

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