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Why is My Fill Short? 4 Tips For a Great Obturation!

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Probably one of the most frustrating things in endo - other than essentially everything - the short fill. In this video, dr Ash presents his tips for a great obturation.

How To Obturate Two Closest Canals

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This time we share the video related to the warm vertical condensation of guttapercha obturating two closest root canals. (MB1 and MB2 in this case). 

Vertical Compaction Technique | Root Canal Obturation

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In this video, Dr has explained the procedure of doing vertical compaction technique of root canal obturation with easy to understand graphics that will be definitely useful for dentists and dental students.

Pulpectomy | Step By Step Demonstration

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Today’s video is about Pulpectomy Procedure. This video demonstrates three steps in pulpectomy procedure: 1) Access Opening 2) Chemomechanical Preparation 3) Obturation 

Why Would There Be Pain During Obturation?!

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In this video, Dr. Nasseh describes a phenomenon, where a patient that is seemingly numb may experience the sensation of cementing the root canal filling. He then proceeds to explain the cause of this...

Obturation (Lateral Condensation Technique)

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Pre-clinical endodontics videos for dental students. This one presents lateral condensation technique. 

Root Canal Treatment - Mandibular First Permanent...

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This is a First Permanent Molar Endo with a Radix Entomolaris. There are a bunch of tips in here that dr Ashley Mark learned from his own mentors and wanted to share with you. 

Internal Resorption Management

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The video shows the management and obturation of a tooth with a middle mesial canal and internal resorption. Excellent seal is needed to achieve success in such cases. Video by Dr. Antonis Chaniotis.

Maxillary Molar Obturation Stories Under Magnification

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Highly curved maxillary molar root canal treatment could be really challenging. The distance between the detection and the negotiation of the MB2 canal, to the obturation of the curved root canal system...

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