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Dental Clearance for Joint Replacement

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In this video, Dr. William Nudera discusses a case where a patient with asymptomatic findings needs clearance for upcoming joint replacement surgery. See how Dr. Nudera navigated his way through this...

Class V Composite Restoration Procedure Guide

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Cavity on the cervical third of the facial or lingual surfaces of any tooth is known as class V cavity. The main problem about these lesions is that they are usually adjacent to the gingiva and exposed...

Extra-Abdominal Damage Control Surgery

views: 2860 comments: 1

Concepts of Damage Control, Raul Colmba, MD, presentation on principle concepts of damage control. He lectures that not all procedures need to be performed when life death cycle is present in patient...

Chest Tube Insertion

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In this film Dennis Kim describes the drainage of pleural cavity, the execution of this procedure, the advantages and disadvantages, and the most common complications after surgery.

Emergency Department Thoracotomy (EDT)

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Presentation discussing the doctors and nurses goals when they perform a thoracotomy. What they hope to achieve when they perform the procedure, and indication of revival rates with patients.

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