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TMJ Arthrocentesis Double Port

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TMJ Arthrocentesis double port plus hyaluronic acid.

Blow-Out Orbital Floor Fracture; Transconjunctival...

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Retroseptal Transconjunctival approach could be a good choice in blow-out orbital floor treatment. Colorado needle at 15 should be used as per M. Grant technique; three or more single spots along the...

Rare Location of Facial Osteoma on the Zygomatic...

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Osteomas are slow-growing benign bone tumors that frequently occur in the craniofacial area. So far eight cases have been reported in English literature to be located along the zygomatic arch. A case...

Cleft Palate Secondary Closure with Iliac Crest...

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Extraction of 12 in an elder patient turned in an oronasal fistula. Autogenous bone collected from the iliac crest is a good choice for its closure. M. Maglione, R. Rizzo, T. Rizzo, CMF University...

Cranial Vault, Zygoma and Maxillary Fractures...

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Precipitation trauma multiple craniofacial injuries, ORIF treatment (M. Maglione, R. Rizzo, T. Rizzo) University of Trieste, ITALY.

Intra+Extracapsular Mandibular Condyle Double...

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Hockeystick access to reach the intracapsular fracture, NIM monitoring the facial nerve.

Atrophic Mandible Double Fracture

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Atrophic mandible double fracture treatment needs load-bearing plating due to the poor vascularization and minimal bone contact surface. Fortunately, a previous maxillofacial TC scan of the patient let...

Lip Repositioning for Gummy Smile Correction

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Video by Dr Umberto D Ramos Correction of gingival smile through the labial repositioning technique. The technique is performed to limit the retraction of elevator muscles (e.g., zygomaticus minor, orbicularis...

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