LV aneurysm

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Patient with Huge LV Aneurysm And LV Clot Mobile...

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Video case: patient with Low LVEF and and LV aneurysm and LV clot undergone LV aneurysm excision and clot.

Patient with LV aneurysm and 3VD Undergone CABG...

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Clinical video case: Zeraatian technique in LV size reduction instead of Dor's with CABG and externally applied Homograft.

Patient with Very Low LVEF and LMTO and LV Aneurysm

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Video case: how to manage off pump Low LVEF and 10 percent and LV aneurysm without usage of IABPC and without CPB performing SVR.

Patient with Previous CMVC and LV Apical Pseudo...

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Discrete pseudo aneurysm of LV with 4 cm size impending to rupture completely opened LV geometry preserved and with patch closure done second supporting layer closed in these cases CC and CP is inevitable.

Using Off Pump Technique for Very Low LVEF Patients...

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Video case: Zeraatiannejaddavani's Technique in off pump let you perform complex multiple cardiovascular surgeries including complete revascularisation as well as surgical ventricular restoration for...

Off Pump CABG and LV Aneurysm as well Free Wall...

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Usage of ascending aorta homograft for the first time in LV aneurysm management and free perforation for the first time in off pump surgery patt LVEF 5 percent.

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