Laser dentistry

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Dental Laser Assisted in Oral Implantology

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Dental laser-assisted oral implantology refers to the use of lasers in various stages of oral implant procedures. Lasers are devices that emit focused light beams of specific wavelengths, and they have...

Apicoectomy with YSGG 2780nm Laser

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An apicoectomy, also known as root-end surgery or root-end resection, is a dental surgical procedure performed to treat certain conditions affecting the roots of a tooth. It is typically done when a previous...

Labial Frenum Removal with Laser YSGG

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Video case: laser assisted frenectomy without suturing, minimal invasive approach.  

Treating Periodontal Chronic Disease with Laser...

Ariel Savion

Specialty:  Periodontics
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Chronic periodontal disease is a common oral health condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Traditional treatment methods for this condition involve scaling and root planing, which can be...

Third Molar Tooth Extraction with Laser

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Microsurgical Laser Therapy (MLT) in oral surgery | In the field of oral surgery, the term microsurgery applies to surgical procedures performed with the aid of magnification system like medical loupes...

Apicoectomy (Root Amputation) with Laser Under...

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Infected peri-apical cyst removal with laser YSGG wavelength 2780nm teeth 13-14. Saving teeth from extraction. Laser beam have several advantages. Main advantages of erbium lasers is absorption in water...

Microsurgical Laser Therapy in Periodontology

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Periodontal pocket treatment using laser beam technology under magnification. Periodontal pocket deep of 10 mm, thin tissue biotype, hard and soft allograft augmentation. Laser Er, Cr:YSGG 2780 nm beam...

What Laser Dentistry Can Do For Your Practice

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In this webinar, dr Aza Nazarian introduces us to the use of lasers in dentistry.

Microsurgery with Different Lasers Wavelength...

Ariel Savion

Specialty:  Periodontics
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In video one can obsreve treatment with blue laser 455 nm (diode laser) durnig frenectomy in first step. In second step, I performed apicoectomy with YSGG 2780 nm laser (erbium laser) under magnification....

Left Pleura Rupture During Laparoscopy

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This video shows left pleura rupture during laparoscopy.