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Single Piece IOL Subluxation - Anterior Capsular...

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Reposition of a single piece IOL subluxated, one month after uncomplicated phaco-IOL procedure. Would you have changed the lens or does it seem our approach to be correct?

Yamane Technique

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Some tips for this technique in the video:- Mark 2.5mm from the limbus in a 0-180º axis- Use 30g (*brand hidden*) special needle- Keep the first haptic in, before externalizing the second haptic- Don't...

White Hypermature Cataract + 3.5mm Pupil + PEX

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51yo male with a white hypermature cataract + PEX. Pupil size of 3.5mm. I decided to perform a clean no hooks/ring phaco with IOL implantation. No complications, 100% after surgery and personal satisfaction....

Carlevale and Macular Hole

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Macular hole surgery (25G Vitrectomy) and Carlevale IOL implantation in aphakik patient.   

Explaining Broken Intraocular Lens - a Nightmare...

Nikunj Tank

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All cataract surgeons face someday a situation where the intraocular lens (IOL) comes out broken from the cartridge or it gets stuck in the cartridge and breaks while separating it. Explanting such IOL...

Routine Cataract Surgery

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Routine cataract surgery and intraocular lens implantation. The video by Ike Ahmed.

Full Moon Final

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72yo female affected by OS subluxated traumatic cataract. We decided to perform a 23G PPV + phacofragmentation + Angle-supported IOL implantation. How would you manage this case?

Carlevale IOL - Scleral Pocket Technique

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VPP 25G + Soleko Carlevale IOL implantation. Carlevale IOL implantation (scleral pocket technique) in a patient affected by IOL-Capsular bag complex subluxation.

Viscodissection for Tractional Fibrotic Proliferative...

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31-year-old man with bilateral PDR in a fibrosis stage. During the preoperative exploration, preretinal fibrosis bands associated with hemovitreous and a tractional retinal detachment near the posterior...

Post Traumatic IOL Subluxation

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Post traumatic IOL subluxation. We decided to explant the previus IOL and implant a sulcus lens via pars plana.