glaucoma surgery

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Vitreous Blocked Glaucoma Shunt Tube

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This video demonstrates a technique to clear vitreous from a sulcus placed glaucoma shunt device. A previously working device suddenly failed and was suspected of vireous incarceration. Vitrectomy with...

Double Tunnel Glaucoma Shunt with Mitomycin C,...

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This video demonstrates a modification of the double tunnel glaucoma shunt procedure to accomodate changes in USA regulations regarding the use of mitomycin C in surgery. The mitomycin excess is injected...

Glaucoma Microstent Inject Technique Improvement...

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This video demonstrates a method to improve your injectable microstent success. Finding and placing the stents at the location of collector channels and shunt vessels provides direct feedback regarding...

Glaucoma Implant

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Surgical video case and technique: GDI implantation.

Glaucoma Shunt with Steroid injection for Uveitis

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This video demonstrates an updated version of the "double tunnel" implant method for an Ahmed glaucoma shunt. The surgeon is sitting temporal for an infero-nasal shunt location. Modifications...

New Glaucoma Microstent Implant Technique to...

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Ophthalmology video case: this video demonstrates key features of placing an injectable glaucoma microstent into the temporal location of the eye. Strategies and methods for achieving success in accessing...

Targeted Small Implant Inject, Implant Technique...

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This video demonstrates additional techniques and anatomy to enhance the position of an (*brand hidden*) inject device. This applies to the injectW and the infinite. Placing the device in the posterior...

Failed Microtrack - Management

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Failure is common in glaucoma surgery, though it is much less with Microtrack filtration, if you go with my experience. Still every time you operate a glaucoma patient, make sure to preserve the tissues,...

Failed Traumatic Glaucoma Surgery - Resurgery

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The field of glaucoma surgery is diverse and complicated. We do something to succeed, but many a times the success eludes us. Resurgery is easy if you have not done extensive dissections on the first...

Insertion and fixation technique of Kumar's stainless...

Vinod Kumar

Specialty:  Ophthalmology
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Insertion and fixation technique of Kumar's stainless steel glaucoma device is described in this video clip. The device is simple, made from medical grade stainless steel wire, technique of insertion...

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