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COVID-19 and Kawasaki Disease Exploring the Association...

Chi-Ming Chow

Specialty:  Cardiology
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Teaching video: COVID-19 and Kawasaki Disease Exploring the Association and Cardiac Complications.

EACVI free webinar: Role of contrast echocardiography...

Specialty:  Cardiology
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Author of the video describes the role of contrast echocardiography in hospitalised patients with COVID-19

Why Do Signs of COVID 19 Appear in the Oral Cavity?

Specialty:  Periodontics
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This video is going to describe how and why oral signs of Covid 19 appear. 

PD 10 - National Responses to COVID-19 - World...

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COVID-19 has affected all parts of the world as a global pandemic, affecting more people than recent epidemics. Yet nation states have responded differently, at variable time frames and with a diversity...

WS 18 - Developing Strategies for Fighting COVID-19...

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Even pandemics with global dimensions have local and regional origins. This high-level event under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Charité Universitätsmedizin...

Differences Between Seasonal Allergies and COVID-19

Specialty:  Allergology
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Speaker talks about the differences between seasonal allergies and COVID-19. There are presented symptoms of seasonal allergies and COVID-19 and comparison of these two conditions highlighting differences...

How mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Work?

Specialty:  Infectious Diseases
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Simple explanation which helps to learn how mRNA is being used in mRNA COVID-19 vaccines to help our immune systems fight off the virus. Video by UT Health Austin

Anticoagulation and thrombosis considerations...

Specialty:  Internal Medicine
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In this video MD Manila Gaddh talks about coagulopathies associated with COVID-19 and laboratory findings in these states, studies outcomes in this topic, connection between thrombosis and inflammation...

Facemasks with Coronavirus FFP1 FFP2 FFP3

Specialty:  Infectious Diseases
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Learn how to use FFP face masks during the Coronavirus outbreak. In video there are discussed different kind of masks.

How to Obtain a Nasal Mid-turbinate (NMT) Swab...

Specialty:  Family Medicine
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While demand for COVID-19 testing increases, facilities must adapt methods to accommodate variable equipment, staffing, and supplies. The nasal mid-turbinate technique offers flexibility for use of larger...