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6 months ago

Case description

The Broncoflex is a single use flexible video bronchoscope manufactured in France by The Surgical Company.

We have been pioneers of the single-use bronchoscope space since 2006, continuously evolving our products to meet and anticipate the demands of the healthcare industry. Broncoflex has been designed o provide you with an ergonomic solution that optimises space, enhances efficiencies to provide the best possible care for patients.

We have decided to work with local components suppliers which are geographically close to our factory.Today, 66% are based in France and 94% from Europe. This allows us to benefits the mention “Made in France” but also a short circuit and low carbon footprint during transport.

The Broncoflex Agile and Vortex stand out by offering two sizes that together covering a broad range of bronchoscopy indication. The Broncoflex is produced and assembled in our manufacturing facility in Tours, France.

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Natalia Kardas

Natalia Kardas


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