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TAMIS ESD for Rectal Adenoma

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48-years old male patient. Endoscopic diagnosis of Kudo III L rectal adenoma. Posterior rectal wall at 6 cm from anal verge. 

Treatment of Bleeding and Prolapsed Piles with...

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In this video you will see treatment of bleeding and prolapsed piles with non excisional technique.

Transverse Perineal Support Surgery

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Surgical vodeo case: 52 y.o female patient. Perineal descensus following pregnancy and childbirth. Reinforce of the superficial transverse muscle with biologic mesh.  

Tissue Type Classification Using Multimodal Ultrasound...

SMIT Congress

Specialty:  Proctology
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Video presentation on tissue type classification using multimodal ultrasound imaging for intra-operative guidance during colorectal cancer surgery. This lecture was recorded during SMIT 2022 meeting in...

Recurrent Anterior Anal Fistula, LIFT #2

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35 y.o. female. Recurrent anterior anal fistula. Previous failed attemp with laser approach. Seton in place.   

Rectal Flap

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How to perform advancement rectal flap.  

Lower Anterior Resection with Versius - Lutz...

CMR Surgical

Specialty:  Proctology
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This video shows a robotic assisted colectomy using the Versius Robotic System by Lutz Mirow. 


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60 y.o. male. Complex high trans-sphincteric fistula. Previous complete chronic abscess excision and loose seton. 

Laser Treatment of Anal Fistula

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65-years old female with posterior transphincteric anal fistula. Laser destruction and shrinkage of fistula tract. Internal orifice closure by rectal advancement flap.

Laser Haemorrhoids

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58 y.o. patient. Grade III bleeding haemorrhoids according to Goligher classification. Laser treatment of 3 main piles.