Paediatric Dentistry Communication and Prevention Part 1

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2 years ago

Case description

I am joined by Paediatric Dentist Dr Libi Almuzian who is so passionate about Paediatric Dentistry.

If you love seeing Children, you will gain a lot from this episode, but if you currently do NOT like Paediatric Dentistry, Dr Libi shares her top tips to help you!

We discuss:

12:12 Managing a child with multiple caries lesions

13:12 Importance of creating a no blame culture

14:01 How to make a dental visit more playful

19:55 Using an App called Social stories to get maximum engagement

23:37 Techniques in managing children co-operation

26:49 MOST IMPORTANT Question to ask your paediatric patient history taking!

27:52 The Sugar Bug Story – you will LOVE this.

34:03 Tips about Dentists finding difficult to relate to children

42:02 Communication with children and the flow of the appointment during operative procedures

46:36 Ultimate list for prevention 

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