Success with Resin Bonded Bridges (aka Adhesive Bridges or formerly Maryland)

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a year ago

Case description

Salman's Webinar on Sunday 4th Dec LIVE:

In this episode, Dr. Salman Pirmohamed shared successes and failures and what we can learn from them to improve our clinical protocols from abutment selection to adhesive techniques.

Highlights of this episode:

1:48 Path of Insertion for Indirect Restorations

3:17 Dr. Salman Pirmohamed’s Introduction 

8:16 Resin-bonded Bridges are underutilized

9:43 Resin-bonded bridges and its Protocol

12:18 RBB - functional for patients?

17:26 Case Selection Criteria for RBBs

20:25 Case Number 1

22:43 Case Number 2

23:16 Dahl Technique on RBBs

24:57 Cantilever Design

27:40 Case Number 3

29:25 Case Number 4

32:47 Mesial cantilever vs Distal Cantilever bridges

37:34 RBB Lab Prescription

39:43 Incisal Overlap of Retainer Wing

42:06 Pontic Design ideal for RBB

47:48 RBB Clinical Protocol

1:00:09 Zirconia RBB protocols

1:06:46 Periodontal Splinting with RBBs

1:15:21 Resin-bonded bridges failures

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